48 hours in Jávea with Jessica Bataille

A guide to what to see, what to do and where to eat in Jávea

We will visit, with Jessica Bataille as hostess, the best beaches, shops,  restaurants and corners of Jávea for two days. Are you coming?


One of the most charming areas of Jávea is the port, a seaside neighbourhood of  narrow streets and village houses, known as Duanes de la Mar. “It is the first place I  came to when we moved to Jávea, when I was 12 years old. It is also where I opened  my first decoration shop, Rust&Co. And here is my current shop, The Shop“. So our  guided tour with Jessica Bataille around this little Mediterranean town could not start  anywhere else.

9h. Breakfast in front of the sea and without haste? One of my favourite  places is the terrace of Mira Luna, in front of Playa de la Grava. The owners are  charming. I often go there for tea, as it’s right next to our harbour store, The  Shop, where we sell Mediterranean-style decorative objects”. Nearby is the  Church of Our Lady of Loreto, an architectural gem with a unique design – don’t  miss it! “In this neighbourhood there are also two little shops that I like: Tartaruga,  owned by my friend Lupe and her husband, who are artisans and sell local  products, and Ockio opticians, my favourite place to buy glasses, as they  dispose of a great collection”.

11h. We go to the old town, which also deserves a stroll. The food market (called  Mercat Municipal) is one of those essential places that cannot be missed on any  trip to Jávea. This paradise for food lovers, located in a beautiful building from the  1940s, is open from Monday to Friday from 8h. to 14h. and from 17h. to 20h.  Saturday mornings only. And it’s best if you come without a shopping list, because  seasonal produce is king here: you’ll leave with a basket full of salted fish, local  fruit and vegetables, honey, local wine and traditional “cocas”. “And if you like  flowers, I recommend you go to Jacarandas, Kees and Marc’s flower shop. Next  door is one of my favourite shops: El Zaguán, where Alicia has been selling  Spanish-made shoes, clothes and accessories for more than 25 years.

13h. Before lunch, shall we have an aperitif at La Esquina? It is one of those  mythical places: many people say that the first thing they do when they arrive  to Jávea is sit on their terrace. “I especially like it to have a drink before lunch  or to enjoy the last rays of the sun in the late afternoon”.

14h. Today we eat next to the harbour. “If you want to discover the authentic  local atmosphere and taste the best fresh fish, you can eat at La Cantina. Its  sunny terrace is pleasant even in winter. If you prefer a more formal  restaurant, choose the restaurant A Bordo, in the yacht club.

16h. Do you know Cala Bandida? “This café and restaurant; perfect for an  after-dinner drink with a view, is located in the port and counts with a  balcony overlooking the sea where the hours fly by. Years ago, when it  opened, I was in charge of decorating it together with the owners, and since  then we have redecorated it several times. Right in the same building, on  the harbour breakwater, is The Beach House, highly recommended for  breakfast or a good coffee. And at the top of the building there is a roof  terrace overlooking the sea, where you can have a drink at sunset in a very  Mediterranean atmosphere.

16.30h. From this time onwards, the fishing boats arrive in the harbour… and  the fish market is the place to go when looking to buy fresh fish! 

17h. “I love to walk from the port to the Arenal beach. On the way, I always stop  for a drink at La Siesta, an Ibiza-inspired beach bar on Montañar beach, which is  very quiet most of the year”. We arrived at the Arenal! This area is known for the  vast number of restaurants and terraces that fill the promenade. Especially in  summer, there is a great atmosphere. “My favourite restaurant in the Arenal is  Carnaval, but I also like Chabada and La Bámbula for their lively Mediterranean  décor.

19h. If we continue walking, beyond the Arenal, there is the Segundo Montañar:  a perfect area for a swim. And a little further on is Cala Blanca. “It’s a beach with  crystalline waters that amazes us with its untouched beauty, which I like for a  dip in the early morning… or in the late afternoon. Right there is the Chiringuito  La Caleta, which preserves the simplicity and beauty it had 40 years ago, where  you can watch the sunset.

21h. We have a reservation at Bonamb! The cuisine of Alberto Ferruz, with two  Michelin stars, is Mediterranean in its purest form, its composed with a tasting  menu: you will be surprised by its marine flavours, powerful but balanced in  each of its dishes. “In Jávea, as well as Bonamb, we also have Tula, with one  Michelin star. There, thanks to Clara’s hospitality and Borja’s cuisine, you will  feel at home. In both of them you need to book several weeks in advance”. 


9h. Today is a day for walking. “There are so many paths that it is difficult to  choose, but one of my favourite walks is a very simple and short one (20 minutes),  which goes from the Cruz del Portichol to Cala Barraca, easily identifiable by its  little white fishermen’s houses with blue doors. You’ve probably seen it on  Instagram! Once there, you can go for a swim, snorkel or sit on the lovely terrace  of Cala Clemence and have breakfast. 

Another option, also starting from the cross, is to take the path on the left and go  to Cap Prim. The views of the Mediterranean all the way are very photogenic.  From there, it is worth taking the car to visit several of the viewpoints: apart from  Cap Prim, the panoramic views from La Falzia or Cap Negre are spectacular.

12h. Technical stop! We arrive at the Faro de la Nao lighthouse, mesmerizing  locals & tourists with its impressive views. “Nearby is the Mirador de Jávea  restaurant, a perfect place to have a drink and recharge your batteries. 

13h. We continue our route, always with a view of the sea: “Cala Ambolo is  my favourite beach, a paradise of transparent waters that surely impacts it’s  viewers”. Contemplating it from the viewpoint is hypnotic. 

14h. And we arrive at what has been chosen on several occasions as one of the  most beautiful beaches in Spain: La Granadella will remain etched in your  memory for its turquoise colour and its beautiful natural environment of  Mediterranean pine forest. A word of advice: avoid going there in summer,  because it is difficult to park and it tends to be crowded. “Here is La Bandideta,  where we will eat: it is a beach bar specialising in pizzetas with coca dough  cooked in a stone and wooden oven, rice dishes and sandwiches. 

18h. “Today we will watch the sunset from the San Antonio lighthouse, to say  goodbye to Jávea with views of the whole bay from this headland surrounded by  steep cliffs. This Nature Reserve, which forms part of the Montgó Massif Natural  Park, is right on the border between Jávea and Denia.

21h. We finished our getaway in the old town of Jávea, which also at night hides many  charming places to have a drink or dinner. “La Cajita Azul is a very authentic tasca that  looks like a clandestine local, where they often play flamenco music that teleports you to  the south of Spain; La Trastienda, a bar decorated with recycled wood by local artist Álvaro  Tamarit, where wine and tapas tends to be the acclaimed choice; Santa Coqueta I like for  its roof terrace and also for its decoration, which uses natural materials such as terracotta;  and I also often go to La Rebotica or Volta i Volta. In summer, it’s advisable to wander the  streets to soak up the atmosphere. 

But today we dined at Chola, one of those restaurants that I always recommend to  everyone. Its Latin American, Asian and Mediterranean fusion is very original. In the  warmer months, book a table in advance in its patio, because it has a very pleasant terrace  for summer evenings. 

“And our journey comes to an end. Although I don’t stop discovering Jávea for a single  day. I still haven’t shown you our cinema… Did you know that the Jayan Cinema is one of  the oldest in the region? It was opened in the 60s. They usually show films in original  version and it is the perfect plan if accompanied by children. When you come back, I would  like to show you the rest of our region, La Marina Alta: we will go to the Garden of  L’Albarda, to the Sunday market of producers of Jesús Pobre (Mercat del Riurau), we will  eat in one of the typical restaurants of Gata de Gorgos, we will have dinner in the patio of  La Tasca or we will go to the flea market of Jalón. See you soon”.

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